Catherine falls

Catherine falls is a double-cascaded waterfall located in┬áKotagiri(near Coonor), The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu .The falls is named after of M.D.Cocburn who was pioneer coffee planter in Kotagiri and yercaud.The native name of the Catherine Falls is Geddhehaada Halla, meaning “Foothills Dale River”. It can clearly been seen from the top of Dolphin’s Nose if seeing the entire waterfall as one total impression is what you are looking for. It is also possible to take a road to the top of the falls. It is also a major tourist spot in Kotagiri.

Catherine Falls is one of the beautiful tourist locations in the region that features a stream of water falling from an altitude of 250 ft. Known as St. Catherine’s Falls, the waterfall is located in the outskirts of the town. The Falls are at a distance of 7 km from Kotagiri and consists of an upper and a lower fall. The upper fall, which is the second highest in the Nilgiris, takes a leap of about 250 feet. From above the falls, one can see the magnificent view of Dolphin’s Nose and the surrounding country.

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