1.What are the services offered by Call Taxi Chennai?

You can choose the services that needs according to situation Short & Long Term Rentals, City Tours, Airport Transfers, Corporate Rentals and Railway Transfers

2. How do I book a Call Taxi Chennai?

Through the phone and & website , Anywhere, Anytime 24 hours and 365 days call taxi services within Chennai and also to anywhere you want to go like Tirupathi, Pondicherry etc

3. Will I get a printed receipt for the amount paid?

the printed receipt is given to customer for every trip.

4. Can I pay using a debit or a credit card?

taxi charge can be paid either cash or debit card

5. Will I be charged for waiting time also?

Yes, waiting charge to be paid according to situation

6. Is there a charge for booking on the phone / web?

No charge for booking through the phone and & web

7. Can I cancel a booking made?

Booking can be cancelled before half an hour from the time of booking

8. What do I do if I have left something behind in a Call Taxi Chennai?

Our main concern is about safety and security of the customer and their belongings. You get back your things as it is.

9. How do I pay after the completion of my trip?

Pay as per meter charges

10. Can I hail a Call Taxi Chennai on the road?

You can hail Anywhere, Anytime 24 hours and 365 days call taxi services